Day 3: Oops I Ate A Yogurt

Without realizing it this morning, I opened a single-serve yogurt package. Oops. It goes to show how little we think of plastic use. Once you start adding it up, it becomes kind of scary.

I do not purchase single-serve packs, but I had gotten a free sample from the gym and the flavor looked quite enticing (Blueberry Cookie Crumble, yum).

When I do buy yogurt, I buy it in the big containers and divvy it out into Pyrex cups if I want to take it with me for lunch. That made this very unusual for me!

This is my big first mess up (I assume there are more to come). The moment I opened that yogurt I felt instant regret, even though yesterday I refused a plastic bag at Walgreens and did not use a straw at a restaurant.

I am learning that I am really going to have to pay attention to what I am using throughout the day to work towards my goal of not acquiring any plastic items until March 27th and maybe beyond.


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