Day 8: Going Out to Eat Makes Things Complicated

It has been 1 week since this challenge started, and I definitely do not feel like I am living a plastic-free life. This is most likely because I am not.

What I have noticed over the past few days is that sometimes you just cannot always be prepared with your plastic-free alternatives.

Here is what I have encountered while eating out a number of times this week:

  • Straws: The drink I ordered came with a straw already in it. I guess I could have asked for it without a straw, but I really did not think that I had to think that far in advance.
  • Takeout Containers: I assumed my leftovers would come back in a Styrofoam box (which also isn’t good either), but instead it came in a plastic container. At this point I could have either left my food and had that go to waste, or taken the container and at least recycle it when I got home. BONUS POINT: I did remove the plastic bag my leftovers came in and used my handy dandy reusable bag that I keep in my purse instead. Unfortunately, that plastic bag probably just got thrown out after that by the busboy.
  • Cups: At a fundraiser this weekend, drinks were being served in plastic cups. Unless I carried around my own glass, I could not avoid this one.
  • More Takeout Containers: We ordered takeout Chinese for dinner one night and although most of the food came in the standard Chinese takeout containers, a couple of the juicier entrees were packed in plastic containers. The plus side of this is that they were good containers that could at least be used a couple of times.

This makes me sound like I eat out all the time, which I in reality, I usually don’t.

In the future, I will be more aware of ordering at restaurants. No straw please!

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