Moving = Opportunity to Purge

I am super excited to be moving into the City of Chicago on April 1st. While I have grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, I have never had the opportunity to actually live in the city. This is because I previously lived in Bloomington, Indiana, and Washington DC.

So with that excitement comes a lot of change and a lot of opportunities.

Since this blog is about living with less, I am going to take this chance to make some real decisions on how to live minimally and how to make a move less wasteful .

Ironically, I have a ton of stuff. It just accumulates over time. When I moved out to DC, I had only what could fit in the car. When I moved back to IL over a year and a half later, I had an entire van stuffed to the brim! Most of my stuff is not new either. I have countless pieces of furniture that I have “collected” over the years from friends, relatives, and craigslist.

I am not the only with this problem. There are plenty of other WordPress bloggers out there purging their closets too:

And you will find tons of posts and resources about it elsewhere:

Not only do I have too much stuff, this move comes with a combination of all my stuff, plus all my boyfriend’s stuff. We have both lived alone before, so we have almost double of everything. He is doing is own closet purge as well.

As we get closer to moving day, I will have to start going through my things and paring down what can fit in our 1 bedroom, 750 square foot apartment. It will definitely be an adjustment, but I am excited to do it! Do you have any suggestions for downsizing?


  1. I love this! I just moved to a big city with my boyfriend as well and we had the same situation with downsizing into a one bedroom apartment. We packed all of our things into an SUV and made quite a few trips to our local donation centre. Chicago is such an interesting city, goodluck!


    1. Thanks Emma! Yes, there will definitely be carloads to the donation center over the next month as we figure out what we need and do not need. I will even attempt to sell some stuff on Craigslist!


      1. I did the same thing! I’m glad you have lots of time, we left most of that until the last minute which was stressful, I think it made parting with various things more stressful too. All good now though!

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  2. Hurray for moving to the city! It’s so nice to be in a compact walkable area :] As for downsizing, I also have accumulated almost all of my furniture secondhand from family, which makes it really hard to get ride of. One good thing to do for everything else is to keep it all packed away in boxes, and only take items out as you need them. Do that for at least a month and you’ll soon discover that you don’t actually need fifteen coffee cups or twenty pairs of shoes. Good luck!


    1. Yes, I am so excited to walk for every-day errands instead of getting in the car! #suburblife I will definitely keep that tip in mind as I start the process. Thank you!


  3. Nice job! And Let me tell you first hand . . . purging every few years is something you will really appreciate . . . Or some day, years from now, your grown children will appreciate you for it!


  4. Every time I move, I get rid of more and more. And it always feels great. As far as clothes go, if I haven’t worn it in a month it goes (keeping in mind seasons, winter coats must never be purged as it probably will snow in July with Chicago’s mood this year). I also think going through old t-shirts is one of the BEST ways to downsize, it was amazing to me after moving out post college how many I had (how many squirrel tshirts does a sorority alumni need lol). I also think once you’ve moved out following the one in one out rule is great (if you buy something new, something old has to go), that way you regulate what you have and makes it easier in the future. I also have lots of clothes donation bins around my area that I walked all my clothes too– but obviously GoodWill and other second hard stores are great places to recycle your old things. Good luck with your move, let me know if you need any help– I love this City!


  5. Hey! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It is one way I can give praise to you and your blog in our virtual world, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate your green efforts and for sharing your journey with us. It is wonderful what you are doing, and that you are showing others how to live (and be happy) with less! It is an important message.


  6. It is so true; we end up collecting and hoarding all the time! But it is great that you are making a conscious effort to de-clutter. It is an exercise I do almost each month:) You have a great blog; look forward to reading many more of your posts. Thanks a ton for stopping by mine.


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