9 Lessons My Closet Taught Me

Something to keep in mind as I start my closet purge!

Last weekend, on a sleepy, grey, Montreal day I decided to confront my closet. That’s right I did it. I decided that Band-Aid was coming off.

#JanuaryGoals guys. Now is the time of year to kick your motivation in the pants. What other month makes you feel as fresh and empowered as January?

Besides discovering some (really) terrible shopping choices, the process of totally tearing through my things was a rude awakening. Like a boiling hot cup of soup to the face, laying out my ENTIRE wardrobe completely altered my awareness of:

  • How I shop
  • What I care about
  • What I actually need
  • How my things make me feel


By definition, awareness is a concern or well-informed interest in a particular subject or situation. After purging my third pair of pants, I stopped and realized I’ve been living with a total lack of awareness. Accumulating “things” to satisfy my…

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  1. I just posted your article on my Facebook feed, you have a great perspective on this topic! I wrote an article on The Minimalist Closet on my blog about a similar topic! I definitely want to spread a message about waste not want not to people, especially women. We undervalue experiences and how we can channel our energy into good for our planet and overvalue material items to bring us a feeling self worth. (Which in my opinion is fleeting, dangerous to our psyches- especially women, and ineffective to achieving real self value). Anyway I truly enjoyed your article and your thoughts on this subject! If you ever want to guest post let me know!


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