Day 24: That Look You Get From the Cashier When You Bring Your Own Bag

I have been keeping an eye on things and over the past week here are some of the plastic-avoiding actions I did:

  • Refused a plastic lid and straw, went for the paper cup only at dinner on Tuesday
  • Refused another straw at lunch on Thursday
  • Used my handy dandy reusable bag (I will post about this at another time) at Target, the mall, and the grocery store this week

Side note: I love when I check out at the store and say, “I have my own bag,” and then pull this magical re-usable bag out of my purse. I would say by that by the time the cashier has finished ringing me up, 50% of the time, they have forgotten that I brought my own bag and start to put my things in a plastic bag. I gently have to remind them that I will not be taking their store-provided bag of plastic.


  1. I am always doing that…. Often I forget my own bag so I start picking all the items holding in my hands and the cashiers are looking at me strange asking: “Are you sure you don’t need a bag??” Nice from you, you should also encourage your family and friends to do the same.


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