6 Years and 8 Apartments Worth of Stuff

I have acquired many things over the years. I have also lived in a number of situations throughout school, grad school, and post-grad school. I have lived alone, with 4 roommates, with 2 roommates, and with 2 separate Craigslist roommates (that did not go so well either time).

Since graduating from high school, I have lived at 8 different addresses between 2 states (although District of Columbia is technically not a state, yeah yeah yeah).

Each housing situation is different. Not just because I was in a different apartment or house, but because depending on how many roommates you are living with, what you need varies. Additionally, each apartment I have lived in has been unique. So that step stool I needed to reach above the kitchen cabinets in one apartment, was not necessary for another.

What you need for living alone varies wildly from what you need to have when you are living with 4 other people.

Not only do I have my own stuff I purchased for these living situations (either new or from Craigslist or garage sales), but I also have some of my older brother’s college stuff, and my cousin’s.

Each time I moved back home for the summer, my school stuff would get piled in the attic or the basement, ready for me to add more to it the next school year and also leave some behind. Before I knew it, 6 years passed from when I first left for college. So that is 6 years and 8 apartments worth of things.

Now that I am moving into my 9th apartment, it is time to go through the 8 other apartment’s stuff, which I started doing this weekend.

garage stuff

For the most part, this is stuff from my last 2-3 apartments that has been in the attic. 

I got my boyfriend to come over and help me go through the attic and the basement. After all, he will be my new roommate, so if we want to keep something, he should be there to speak up. We went through a lot of things, as you will see in the pictures below.


School stuff that was in the basement (ex: super old printer)

I do have a question for you readers, how many of you use koozies to keep your drinks cold? I do not think I have ever in my life reached for a koozie, yet I have many of them. They are now a popular thing to give as favors at weddings, graduation parties, etc. Thanks, but no thanks. No more koozies for me.



Speaking of drinks. I have plenty of plastic cups from college. What you see in the picture below is probably 1/8 of what I used to have. The super freshman reason I had so many was because my roommate and I tried to build a pyramid of cups in our dorm window. You know, to be cool. Ha!

pizza x cups

A VERY pared down collection of cups from college

I will keep going this week and next and will eventually post where I will be donating and recycling my items. Look out for that!


  1. Your purge pile is impressive! It gives Lady H. some more incentive to get rid of more stuff…

    Cups! It’s always CUPS. I find it fascinating that cups have to be one of the most commonly hoarded item. Not saying that cup hoarding is an issue with YOU specifically, but it’s something that I’ve noticed with many.

    As for koozies, I believe Lady H. never used one in her entire lifetime. Hehe. Knowing her, she’d probably throw them out!


  2. Wow, this is impressive.
    A friend just told me she’s thinking about moving and this makes me so excited, I’m gonna help her KonMari her house. So. Much. Fun!
    I guess it’s sometimes easier to do this for others than for yourself (though I had a lot of fun doing it for myself before moving overseas, but not so much for my husband’s stuff).

    – Chloe


  3. I don’t think I have ever used one of those koozie things. They are pretty pointless 🙂 Cups in general tend to be one of those things that we all have too many of…not just plastic ones either but random mugs and cups that were given as gifts, etc. Personally I have downsized my drinking glasses to 4, and I find that even that is a large number for myself as I only use one a day and then wash it, and tend to reach for the same one the next day 🙂 Keep up the purging!


  4. I actually use koozies to put over my jars to stop them from rattling around in my bag or for hot drinks. I only have two koozies I found on the floor or street.


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