My Favorites: LL Bean Canvas Tote

When I lived in DC, I did not have a car. Anywhere I went was on foot, bicycle, Metro, or


Rolling Around DC on Capital Bike Share

bus. Since I knew I was going to be walking a couple blocks to the grocery store every week, I needed a good sturdy bag to haul my goodies home.

This is where my LL Bean tote comes in. It’s seriously the best bag ever and I love it more than any human being should love a bag used for groceries. It always fit everything!

My tote was so sturdy, I never worried about the bag ripping and the zippered top was helpful on windy days when receipts could go flying across the street. I will definitely have that bag for the rest of my life!

I took it with me on weekly trips to Safeway and monthly trips across the District via bus to Trader Joe’s. I needed this bag not only because I walked/bused, but because DC had banned plastic bags!

My tote helped me limit my purchasing because I knew it had to fit in that bag in order for me to get it home. Most of the time I could fit an entire weeks worth in it, except for the time I thought it was a good idea to buy a large pumpkin for Halloween. Seeing me struggle down the street with my bag of groceries, a gallon of milk, and a big ol’ pumpkin, what a sight!

(Side note: due to lack of car, I have carried a number of odd items down the street and on the metro. That includes an IKEA Lack coffee table, end table, and a chair. I am strangely proud of this.)

Anyway, if you are in the market for a durable bag for your groceries, I highly suggest a canvas tote from LL Bean. It is guaranteed to last.

Besides LL Bean, what is the best way to carry your groceries around town when using alternative forms of transportation?


  1. Lady H. used to walk roughly 4 miles (round trip!) to a grocery store because she wanted to explore the new city she had just moved to. ^_^ She used a Northface backback and two canvas bags to carry the groceries. Super heavy items went into the backpack, while lightweight items were placed in the canvas bags. Anything made of sturdy canvas or—Lady H.’s favorite—Cordura are her go-to materials to look for in a bag.

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  2. I have just seen backpacks and strong canvas totes used really. I suppose it depends how much you are going to carry; I have also seen folks on bicycles attach a little wagon on wheels, or a tote that fits on the back of their bicycle.

    A quick side question for you: what is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your zero-waste lifestyle?

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    1. Thanks Nadine!

      As for my biggest pet peeve: hmmm..the first thing that comes to mind are other people who do not understand zero-waste and give you a hard time for trying to live a better life.

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  3. LL Bean makes very sturdy bags. I bought a backpack for son when he started 1st grade (he is now 24). He out grew it, but I am now using it. It is a great bag!


  4. Big pet peeve of mine is fast fast places that will not let you use you own container to put your food or drink in. Also businesses that do not have bicycle parking. Although many businesses are getting better.


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