To The Person Who Tossed Their Trash Out The Car Window

Dear person driving the green sedan in front of me on the highway,

Tonight I was on my way to a sustainability event sponsored by the environmental non-profit associate board I serve on. I was driving along, listening to the radio, and minding my own business.

We were driving in the middle lane of the highway when your next action really stuck with me. You didn’t brake suddenly, or swerve into another lane endangering other drivers.

Instead, you rolled down your window and tossed some wrappers out onto the road, as if it were your own personal trash can. My jaw legitimately dropped and hung open for a good five minutes as a million questions ran through my mind.

How could you do that?

Why couldn’t you have just waited to where you were going to throw out those wrappers?

Who taught you that it was okay to litter?

What gives you the right to treat the Earth like that?

By the time all this had processed, I was fuming and glaring at your car. My initial reaction was to honk aggressively at you, but I knew that would not get my point across. I considered copying down your license plate and reporting you to the police for littering.

I am not naive to the fact that there is pretty much always trash along streets and highways. It is just not that often I see the littering actually happen right in front of me. It makes a difference.

Overall, I am disappointed you made such the decision to use our home as your waste basket (not that the highway is my home, but I hope you understand what I am getting at here).



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  1. Great letter! Litter is discussing. As a bike commuter I see too much of it. Check out #litterati on instragram.


  2. I don’t get it either… What are people thinking? (Or not thinking…) do they think it just walks of to the closest trash bin on its own little feet, or what? Those are the moments you just want to pick the stuff up, drive to their house and dump it all on heir lawn or front steps or something.. 😉

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  3. people anger me so bad when they litter!!! i do not get it! what is so hard about waiting to discard trash appropriately?? what gives you the right to do this to your fellow man and to our home??? ugh!! my reaction would have been identical. shock, disgust, anger, and sadness. i don’t understand why people are ok with being so horrible.


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