Month: March 2016

My Favorites: LUSH Shampoo Bar

I legitimately had no idea shampoo came in bar form.

After reading an article about LUSH Handmade Cosmetics and how they are striving for reduced packaging (I unfortunately cannot find the article I originally read), I decided to finally step into LUSH. To be honest, all this time I had avoided Lush because I found the the smell of the store so over-powering. All I thought was, “I do not want to smell like that LUSH store.”

But I went in, and I asked about their lack of packaging and for some suggestions about curly/wavy hair. I left with these purchases:

Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Barshampoo bar

I don’t think I had ever been so excited to wash my hair when I got home (and I hate washing my hair). First of all, it smells AMAZING. Like I could stand there all day and smell it.

In the shower, it works just like a bar of soap. You rub it between your hands to form a lather and then shampoo away!

Shampoo Bar Tin

tinTo keep my shampoo bar safe in the shower and while travelling, I also got the tin. After showering, stand your bar upright in the tin to let it fully dry. We don’t want moldy shampoo bars.

Once it has dried (and it makes your bathroom smell heavenly while doing so) pop it back in the tin and store it upside down with the lid on the bottom. This way when you are getting towards the end of the bar, you will be able to get it out.

The best part is, there is no packaging! What you see in the pictures is what I got!

Overall, my hair has been unreal. I barely use any product to get my natural waves/curls under control. My hair still looks good the next day, and the next (since I wash it maybe 2-3 times a week). In between I also use the Sea Spray Hair Mist and No Drought Dry Shampoo after a sweaty workout.

Step-by-Step Sustainability is also getting on the LUSH train too in their recent post (which reminded me that I planned on writing this one!).

You can read more about LUSH’s Green Policy here.

On the other hand, some are not convinced about Lush’s products. What do you think about LUSH?


The Purge Pile is Growing

I did a lot of purging today, and man I was ruthless. I went through some of my closet, dresser, and drawers. Most of the time as I was going through my things, these thoughts popped into my head:

  • Wait, I still have this?
  • OMG, how old is this lotion/chapstick/nail polish/ etc.?
  • Did I wear this in high school?
  • I would not be caught dead wearing this
  • How many purses does one need?
  • I barely wear jeans, do I need 6 pairs?
  • Someone else will appreciate this more than me
  • When was the last time I did gymnastics, 6th grade?
  • I’m pretty sure the elastic in this has disintegrated
purge pile1

The beginning of what I dubbed, “The Purge Pile”

purge pile2

“The Purge Pile” begins to grow

purge pile4

“The Purge Pile” starts to take over my doorway.

purge pile3

All of the boxes in my closet that are headed to the recycling bin

My plan is to do a clothing/accessory swap with my friends before bringing my many bags to the donation center. Some other items will most likely end up on craigslist as well.

Do you have any other ideas on how to handle my “Purge Pile?”

Day 24: That Look You Get From the Cashier When You Bring Your Own Bag

I have been keeping an eye on things and over the past week here are some of the plastic-avoiding actions I did:

  • Refused a plastic lid and straw, went for the paper cup only at dinner on Tuesday
  • Refused another straw at lunch on Thursday
  • Used my handy dandy reusable bag (I will post about this at another time) at Target, the mall, and the grocery store this week

Side note: I love when I check out at the store and say, “I have my own bag,” and then pull this magical re-usable bag out of my purse. I would say by that by the time the cashier has finished ringing me up, 50% of the time, they have forgotten that I brought my own bag and start to put my things in a plastic bag. I gently have to remind them that I will not be taking their store-provided bag of plastic.

9 Lessons My Closet Taught Me

Something to keep in mind as I start my closet purge!

Last weekend, on a sleepy, grey, Montreal day I decided to confront my closet. That’s right I did it. I decided that Band-Aid was coming off.

#JanuaryGoals guys. Now is the time of year to kick your motivation in the pants. What other month makes you feel as fresh and empowered as January?

Besides discovering some (really) terrible shopping choices, the process of totally tearing through my things was a rude awakening. Like a boiling hot cup of soup to the face, laying out my ENTIRE wardrobe completely altered my awareness of:

  • How I shop
  • What I care about
  • What I actually need
  • How my things make me feel


By definition, awareness is a concern or well-informed interest in a particular subject or situation. After purging my third pair of pants, I stopped and realized I’ve been living with a total lack of awareness. Accumulating “things” to satisfy my…

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I Am Emotionally Attached to My T-Shirts, Are You?

I am betting right now that you have an exorbitant amount of t-shirts. The are stuffed in a number of places throughout your room. They are under your bed, in your closet, and in your dresser. Maybe you even have some in a bag in the basement because you just can’t seem to part with them. When I moved to DC for a semester in college, I remember having a hard time deciding which 6 shirts I should bring with, then I somehow lost one, and I was weirdly upset about it.

You have collected t-shirts since you joined your first team sport in Kindergarten (that would be T-ball for me, see below).

t ball

Yup, this is from t-ball in the 90’s. Still have it. Under my bed.

You have shirts from school clubs, events, volunteering, and grabbing one shot from a t-shirt gun at a college basketball game. We clamor and fight over a free t-shirt that usually ends up being an XL and pretty ugly. Have you ever actually ended up wearing that t-shirt you fought so hard for? Probably not. If I have not donated that shirt, I might have ended up wearing it to bed.

Along with the random ones we have acquired over the years, there are ones that hold a special place in our hearts. We just cannot give them up. They hold memories and feelings you cannot just toss in the donation pile.

One way I have calmed the anxiety of purging t-shirts I am emotionally attached to, is by having my shirts made into the t-shirt quilt. That way I still get to keep those memories and I get to be snuggled up in them. It is even better than wearing them. I highly recommend a t-shirt quilt/blanket for anyone who has trouble letting go. I have had 2 made now. One was all my t-shirts up through high school and the second that was just finished was all my college shirts.

birthday gift

My first t-shirt blanket was a gift for my 20th birthday. It is gigantic!

tshirt blanket

My second was a Christmas present. Went for a little smaller one this time!

Obviously these are not all the t-shirts I own. I just picked special ones that fit well together. To get your shirts made into a blanket:

  • Find some one on Etsy
  • Go to a local craft fair, there usually is at least one booth dedicated to t-shirt quilts
  • Ask around! I had a local woman do it and I am so pleased that I got to support her as well as not have to ship my t-shirts somewhere. Additionally, I got to be a part of the process in person. We discussed what I was looking for, color schemes, fabrics, etc.

So, what other ways can you deal with the t-shirts you are emotionally attached to?