Chicago’s Beaches Were “Trashed” This Weekend

I bet fellow Chicagoans were enjoying the lovely weather we had here this Memorial Day weekend. When it is nice out and a long weekend, the beaches are packed with people and with garbage!

Here are some images from North Avenue Beach posted by Mike Caplan, Meteorologist at FOX 32. Gross!

trashed beach

trashed beach2

I am just going to let those pictures sink in. A lot of that looks recyclable to me…


  1. We see that everywhere, don’t we? Not only is it disgusting and rude, but just… completely… unbelievable, really. How hard is it to pick up after yourself? Whenever we hike anywhere, we always take out everything we bring in. It’s not that hard! Basic responsibilities, people! The world is not your garbage can! Ugh. This just infuriates me. Every year in Germany we see this kind of crap at New Year’s too.

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