DIY: Knit Bunting

I am a sub-par knitter.

I have made probably 10 scarves and 5 sets of baby booties, but I have not ventured much beyond that.

Two years ago, I took the leap to try knitting socks using double pointed needles and I failed miserably.

Anyway, since I had some orange yarn, I wanted to do some crafting and knit these cute little pumpkins to put on my kitchen table. All the patterns I looked at called for DPNs. So I pulled out my DPNs that still had the 3 inches of poorly knitted sock attached. Once I slide that off, I attempted the evil needles again.

As per the last time, it was a mess. No amount of YouTube videos could save me. At that point, I decided to just knit something I knew how to do.

After perusing Pinterest for a bit, I came up with the idea to create a bunting banner. I was going to knit 6 triangles in 3 different colors. As I started knitting, the project evolved further. I started to envision felt leaves stitched onto each triangle. Then I thought of the button box my mom has of a million old buttons. Those would be accents sewn on.

First, I knit all 6 triangles using this pattern in yellow, orange, and gray. Second I needed to trace the leaves. Since I do not have a printer, I decided to just freehand the leaves and trace onto the felt from there. After I traced each leave twice, I carefully cut them out.

I played with color combinations before choosing which leaf would go where and then started to stitch them on.


Once the buttons were finished being attached in little clusters of three, I wove a piece of jute string through each triangle with my darning needle to be able to hang it up.

My weirdly planned project ended up turning out really well! It is a nice addition for homemade fall decorations. I loved it so much, I may start working on a Christmas version!

What do you think about it? Would you want one of these in your house to celebrate the changing of the seasons?


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