A Recycling Conspiracy

There is something fishy going on with our building’s recycling cart, and it is about time I figured out what it is.

Since I am often working from home, I am around to never see our cart out on the curb for pick up. Our building maintenance is in charge of these duties, not the residents. When I do see the rest of our street’s blue carts out, ours, mysteriously, is not.

Some days I will go bring stuff down to the blue cart on the side of our building and then the come back the next day to find the cart nearly empty, even though it was never out for pick up.

While putting Christmas stuff away in the basement, I also noticed another blue cart marked with our street address. Hmm…


The building has been hoarding a blue cart for their own use!

I took a look inside and guess what it is filled with?


rock salt…


  1. Be the phenomenal advocate you are and call them out on this! (you have an alternative career as an investigative reporter)


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