Introducing “Waste Not Want Not Wedding”

Over the weekend, I got engaged.

Holy Moly!

It has been a crazy whirlwind so far and I am finally feeling the weight of planning such an important life event.

I have been a bridesmaid 5 times already (it will be 6 in July), so I am no stranger to weddings.


For my own wedding, I am excited to incorporate my eco-friendly lifestyle and chronicle all of it here for you.

However, I do feel that the wedding industry has gotten a little bit out of control (apologies to anyone who has opposite views of me on this topic).

For instance, the perceived need for all of these things:

  • engagement photos
  • engagement parties
  • wedding planners
  • save the dates
  • photo booths
  • over the top centerpieces  and flowers that get thrown out the next day
  • favors no one takes home
  • wedding hashtags #NO
  • matching bridal party shirts you will never wear again
  • “future Mrs. ____” apparel or items you will never wear after getting married

These are not necessities to getting married. Social media (specifically Pinterest) has lead us to believe we need all of these things for a successful and Pinterest-worthy wedding.

Last time I checked, the most important part is the act of getting married.

Going forward with wedding planning, this is what I want:

  • this to be easy
  • this to be simple
  • to avoid unnecessary costs
  • create the least amount of waste as possible
  • do what I can do myself
  • to use local services and goods
  • to use friend’s and family as much as possible

I want my wedding to be an event put together by people who are important to me.

Obviously, I understand as I go through this process, I may change my mind about everything. For now, though, this is my initial stance.

How do you feel about weddings these days? Do you think they can be quite wasteful?


  1. Congratulations!!! Weddings definitely tend to be wasteful. And usually stressful. Also expensive!! None of those sound enjoyable to me. I eloped 17 years ago and we are still very happily married. 😉 A sweet, simple event sounds perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts on the subject!


  2. Congratulations! I agree, weddings can be very wasteful. Neither my husband and I are big event people. We wanted to get married, rather than have a wedding. We held the ceremony at a rural cottage with 4 guests. I wore my mum’s dress, which was refitted and remodelled by a local wedding dress designer get her first start. I put together a bouquet of locally grown flowers myself. We hired my husband’s suit, rather than buying one. A week later we had a casual get together at my parents for friends and extended family.
    We didn’t do this to save money, but of course we saved a ton compared to an average wedding. We held the wedding midweek – that saved a lot on the photographer and celebrant (and nearly anyone you like is available on a Thursday). Rather than a wedding cake, we ordered a simple and delicious chocolate cake and added a white ribbon and flowers leftover from the bouquet. We only had six for dinner, so we had it delivered to the venue by a local caterer. We just said it was a dinner party, and avoided any “wedding tax”.
    It was the perfect day and if I did again I wouldn’t change a thing.
    It’s great that you’ve set out what is important to you, as wedding hoopla can get out of control very quickly. Have fun and I look forward to hearing all about it.

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  3. Congratulations!!! Whenever I see my friends getting married, I sometimes think to myself that they’re getting married for social media. I hope you don’t change your stance as you plan your wedding. 🙂


  4. I fully support you! I think one of my first posts had something to do with this. The more you talk to people about their weddings the more you start to feel like you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry! The way you’re doing it is your way and it’s your wedding so it’s right! You will have the perfect day. I think everyone gives in to some extent about what they initially wanted, remember to stay true to yourself and you won’t regret it. Focus on what’s important and don’t worry. All you need there is hope, faith, and love. 🙂

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  5. Congrats!! You have such a great attitude, and you’re right about so many things being unnecessary – it’s tough with a huge Wedding Industrial Complex and social media out there, but stick to your guns. I recommend reading A Practical Wedding, too!


  6. I completely agree that you don’t have the crap the most people seem to perceive as necessary. My dress has turned out to be way more than I’d hoped but it was the only one that didn’t make me look stupid. But my engagement ring was second hand so a bargain as well as a more responsible way to buy diamonds. In total our wedding for 80 (I only wanted it to be for 2! But that’s another tale) will cost far less than half of what an average UK wedding costs.


  7. A very belated congratulations, Marguerite! That’s so exciting. Looking forward to reading more about your sustainable wedding when it comes around 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with your list of perceived needs at weddings. Those things seem to have a lot more to do with appearances than getting married!

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