Recycling My Obsolete iPod

Today marked the end of an era.

I tried very hard to prevent it from happening, but sometimes we must let go of electronics that are 10 years old and no longer work.

And by “let go,” I mean recycle.

My Apple iPod Classic was purchased circa 2007-2008 with the money from my first job in high school. Together, we listened to favorite songs on repeat, and passed countless hours in the car, walking to class, and eventually walking to work.



RIP iPod Classic 2007-2017

The battery started failing a few years ago, but since I no longer walk to work, it was not getting as much use anyway.


Eventually, it stopped holding a charge.

Then it would not turn on.

I brought it to the Apple Store a few months ago to see if there was anything they could do. Apparently, my iPod is so old that Apple classifies it as “obsolete.” There was not even an option on how to restore my decrepit device. After some messing around, the employee did get it miraculously to turn back on.

Unfortunately, it was a last ditch effort that only worked for a few days.

Months later, I finally got around to bringing my iPod back to the Apple Store to recycle it. It was a super easy process, where I just filled out a quick form, and I was on my way.

Speaking of recycling electronics, I also recently brought a broken Fitbit back to Best Buy, which was also easy peasy.

Now I want to know how and where do you recycle your old electronics?

More information on Apple’s Recycling Program.

More information on Best Buy’s Recycling Program.



  1. I have a mac desktop that I got in 2006 and I used it for graphic design. It served me faithfully but started to really slow down about three years ago. Now I can’t do much with it at all anymore. I can’t even upgrade it. I hate to admit it, but it’s time to let the ol’ girl go. *wipes a tear*. Anyway, your post was almost like a sign from the universe, telling me it’s time! I actually didn’t know you could take your old Apple stuff to the Apple store for recycling. Thanks for that info! I won’t feel so bad knowing my old computer is being returned to its maker. 😉

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  2. RIP, dear iPod! You made it work a long time. Too bad electronics nowadays are kind of made to be replaced. I’ve had my Blackberry for six years and some apps are giving me notifications that my device is no longer supported by the app, like with WhatsApp, which sucks because I use it overseas and also to text with my mom in England. I have an old laptop I don’t know what to do with. I’d love to give it away, but there are key bits not working on it anymore. Recycling laptops? I’m not sure how or where. Let me google it 🙂

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