We Broke Our Microwave and Never Fixed It

Usually, I am always in the pro-fix-whatever-is-broken camp, but in this particular case, I am not so sure.

A month or so ago, we had an incident with the microwave…


Since we have a tiny kitchen, we have an abnormally tiny microwave. Basically, a heating pad was in there and couldn’t fully spin around, leaving it stuck against the microwave’s wall. That caused a bit of a sparking and singeing episode and the microwave has not been used since.

To avoid any accidental and habitual use, I just unplugged it. At first, it was quite annoying since I was so used to checking the time on it, even though there is a clock right on the wall.


My morning oatmeal used to be ready in 2 minutes and re-heated dinner was just a few minutes away. Ok, I don’t need to explain to you how a microwave works…

Anyway, now everything gets heated up in the oven or on the stove. I used to grumble about it, but really it doesn’t take that much longer. If I know I need to heat up leftovers in the oven, I just need to remember to turn it on a bit beforehand.

Overall, the re-heating process of any food does not take any more than 15 minutes, but it does create some extra dishes…

Should we even try to fix it? Or just go with the flow of no microwave?





  1. No microwave needed! I too have a really small kitchen and the extra bench space was needed more. I just reheat things in the oven or using a pan (try re-frying day old spaghetti bolognese, delicious!) and for oats I use quick oats with a bit of hot water and honey.

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  2. No microwave needed! I too had a really small kitchen and the extra bench space was needed more than the appliance. To reheat things I just put them into a pan with a bit of oil (do this with day-old spaghetti bolognese, it’s delicious!) and for oatmeal I just use quickoats (they are like normal oats but more chopped up) and add a tiny bit of hot water and honey.


  3. I don’t have a microwave. I moved into a studio apartment last September and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve wished for one! Honestly, food just tastes better when reheated via stove – in my opinion, microwaved food gets rubbery. But once or twice I’ve missed the convenience of a bag of popcorn v. popping fresh (which takes focus or it burns). It’s really your prerogative to decide if the convenience is worth the extra cash. We all value things differently. 🙂

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