The Plastic Wrapped Apples

So I went to Denver a couple weeks ago.

On the way to our gate, we stopped at the Home Run Inn to get something to eat before our flight.

As I stood in line waiting to order, I noticed an odd sight.

plastic apples

A basket full of individually wrapped apples……

plastic apples2

I thought that was #1 very strange and #2 very wasteful and unnecessary, so I did what any millennial would do:

Complain on Twitter.

I tweeted at both Home Run Inn and Midway airport about the oddness of the plastic wrapped apples.


pizza twitter

Before we had even taken off, Home Run Inn had responded. I hope something does come of this. It would probably be best to follow up.

Although I was not rewarded with any free pizza, I was pretty impressed with their quick response and demeanor.

Next time you are at Midway, hop into the Home Run Inn and see if the apples are free from their plastic wrap for me!


  1. How odd indeed, but good on you for speaking up. Hopefully it changes something. I noticed this in my student’s lunch this year too; mom had clingwrapped a whole apple. It made no sense 😦

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  2. in a foodservice environment, we wrap hand fruit that will not be peeled (apples, pears) to protect them from many people handling them. A banana or orange does not need this as you will peel away the outside and just eat the inside. this is a requirement in places where the public is served.


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