How I Pack My Lunch

Back to the days of packing my lunch for work!

I pretty much never buy lunch and I never did even in my school days when we could purchase “hot lunch.”




Locally produced turkey sandwich


Not only does this practice save me money, but it also saves on food packaging and waste. Ziploc bags are never on my shopping list because I use SnackTaxis to hold all my snacks and lunch essentials.


I have had them for a number of years and I love them. They are machine washable and I just let them air dry over night. They even stand up to a PB&J with a bit too much jelly. Just wipe it off and toss in the washer!

Their fun designs also can make a boring lunch a little bit more exciting! And my lunches are pretty boring (see the turkey sandwich with just bread and turkey above).


My handy lunch bag has also been hanging around since my college days and it too is machine washable. So when I leave something in there just a little too long and it starts to get a bit funky, that can easily be fixed.


For foods that cannot go in a SnackTaxi, I just use Pyrex glass containers for everything from yogurt to soup. Yeah, glass is heavy, but whatever, bring on the muscles!


Our regular silverware from home comes with me to work when necessary and then I just bring it home every day to pop in the dishwasher. I don’t find it to be any extra work.


On top of all the other necessary pieces, I keep a napkin in my drawer at my desk! It definitely comes in handy when I am eating a juicy peach or there is a snack to grab in the break room.

How do you keep your work day lunches package-free?


  1. Thanks for getting our attention….mmm turkey sandwich….then you make us THINK! bravo!
    I am into your ideas….of course I live in Oregon where I actually sell Trash Art at an ACTUAL art gallery at the CITY DUMP!


  2. Good work! We;re lucky enough to have a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave at work. I bring porridge in a small tupperware for breakfast which I make in the microwave at work, and I keep almond milk and soy milk in our work fridge. I’m not much of a sandwich eater, but I bring soup (usually in a can, but I wash it out and out it in the recycling!), or salad, curry, chili etc, in a glass tupperware as well. I did buy fancy stainless steel containers but sadly they do leak if you put liquidy things like that in them 😦

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      1. I know… they weren’t cheap either. Can use them for some things but not stuff with liquid sauces. I got glass pyrex lunchboxes instead, they have plastic lids but at least the pyrex is durable!

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