Spammed by Environmental Orgs.

Last year, we donated to Sierra Club post-election.

Which is great and all until you consider how much mail we get from them and now every other environmental organization under the sun (that’s an exaggeration, but it feels like it).



Not only do we get constant mail from the Sierra Club, but also the Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, EarthJustice, World Wildlife Fund, and Heifer International.

We have more return address labels than one could possibly use in a lifetime, and plenty of stickers, calendars, and notepads have shown up in our mailbox.

While I support these organizations, I do not support their ridiculous mailing campaigns.

Isn’t it funny that an organization devoted to our environment would waste so much on mailings?

That an organization focused on conserving resources is shoving them into our mailbox?

I have already covered stopping generic junk mail and it is no different with these organizations. I will now be individually contacting each one to ask to be removed from their mailing list, not because I don’t back what they do, but because I don’t want their spam filling up my recycling bin. #Sorrynotsorry


  1. Oh my! This made me laugh — I mean, what better way to get people that want to help the planet support your organization that by sending them plenty of paper made from those precious trees!? ahahahah

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  2. That’s my pet peeve as well, and it’s not just environmental companies. That will forever send you stuff on PAPER!!!

    Another pet peeve is also this – You donate a little to org like cancer research, blindness, lungs and hearts, environment, to help kids… whatever and they will never give a break on phone calls, e-mail, letters or whatever… like forever.

    It’s impossible to have them leave you alone…. so much so that you almost kinda “regret” ever supporting them in the first place!

    I used to pick one different org every year and donate to that ONE… but I had to give it up.. because when they called again for donations they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer… (I might have run into a couple of bad ones, but….) now I pretty much only donate on things where I can give cash “anonymously” or where you can donate food and stuff directly to an org.


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