See Ya Packaged Snacks

It’s Lent for you practicing Catholics out there, a time to give up something that you are accustomed to, or make a sacrifice.

I tried giving up plastic for lent the other year and that was rough.

This year, after much discussion, I have decided to give up packaged snacks. It is not that I eat individually wrapped granola bars every day, but like snacks that come in a plastic bag or in a box.

I am looking at you pretzels and wheat thins.

Those are my go-to for a snack at work. Not only will this be a challenge of my own will, but it will help reduce waste and my processed food consumption. A win-win right?

Now, what should I eat for the next 40 days!?


  1. Good luck! I wanted to do veganuary but was disorganised so didn’t, so for my first year of giving up something for Lent I am giving up meat and milk, hoping to give up meat for good and cutting down on the dairy. Eat far too much dairy including chocolate and other treats but not good for me or the environment so it should be worthwhile doing it.

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      1. I’ve been trying to keep a good stock of bulk almonds and I get weekly deliveries from ImperfectProduce, which has really helped

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  2. Good luck. I really like this incentive. I’m going to try and promote it to Muslims for Ramadan. Do keep us up to date with how you are doing. I find that the things we eat from packets are seriously easy to make at home. Plus much healthier. So get googling and have fun x

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