How Facebook Can Help With Secondhand Shopping

My love for Craigslist has not waned, but I have found a new place to add to my arsenal for buying items I need and selling items that don’t “spark joy.”

It came about when I started to sell our wedding decorations post-wedding. I posted lanterns and table numbers to Craigslist but heard that Facebook Marketplace was now the place to buy and sell. So, I tried it out.

In terms of selling, it is pretty easy. Just post your item and buyers can reply via Facebook Messenger. You can mark items as pending and then as sold once you have completed the transaction, providing a rating to your buyer. The downside is that Marketplace provides an “Ask for Details” button that automatically messages the seller asking if the item is available. From my experience, buyers like to use that button A LOT. I mean, if it is still posted, and not marked as pending, it is still available…

Buyers can also send customized messages about items and save items to come back to later. You can search specific areas, within a certain radius, as well as by category.

I cross posted all of my wedding decor on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. I got the most responses to my items from Marketplace, and that’s where the majority of my sales came from. Seller beware though, while I did get more responses, the responses were a lot of unnecessary questions, beyond asking about its availability. People asked where I was located, if they could only buy specific items of the lot, and what dimensions where. All this information had already been included in the post’s details.

In addition to Marketplace, I have joined a number of community selling groups on Facebook, like Chicago, Buy, Hustle, and Trade, and Wedding & Party Recyclers Group.  I also am apart of a neighborhood group, so it is likely there is a group near where you live too.

Another group I am a member of on Facebook is the Chicago Buy Nothing group, where members post items that are available for someone else to take, or where members post items they are searching for. I posted moving boxes and supplies after we moved this summer and was glad someone else could use those items.

moving boxes

I was just glad these boxes didn’t end up in the landfill.

The downside of using Facebook and Craigslist, of course, is having to field questions and coordinate with buyers when you could just drop your unwanted items off at Goodwill or Salvation Army.

I see myself adding Marketplace to my repository of places to search for items I am looking for locally. The opportunity to be able to pick up a sought after item from a neighbor down the street, for less than it would cost new, is a win-win for me.

Have you used Marketplace? What are your thoughts? Do you have any other apps or sites that you swear by?

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook. 


  1. I have been buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace for a few years now! It is great! We have got some really great deals on it and being able to decide were I want to meet when I’m selling is convenient for me. Some tips, first of course,
    Use Caution ! Always meet in a public place and of course never go into someone’s home. Make sure you check the items before you just hand over your money and go , unfortunately there are still people out there that pull things., rips hidden in clothes or electronics that do not actually work. If you have to try something like an electronic device then bring two people with you. One that can go inside with you and one that can stay outside in the car. It is easier if they will come to you in that case but sometimes it is not feasible. Always barter and expect the same back unless noted price is final. I usually put stuff up $5 from my amount to let people barter. Check the person you are buying or selling to , you can check their marketplace profile for more information on them. If they have good or bad reviews and if they have been buying and selling long. Donation sites like, pay it forward, to help someone who may need it and freecycle groups for your area are a great place to go also. Good Luck!😉

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  2. I used Facebook buy and sell groups so much when we had our baby a year and a half ago. Actually, I still use the groups now because when babe grows out of clothes, I try to get the next sizes from other parents. I have also found wooden toys on there, and most of my cloth diaper stash. I haven’t used marketplace specifically, but local FB groups, like mom buy/sell, local buy/sell, and local auction sites.

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