Double Duty on Wedding Purchases

Getting married is hard.

There are so many decisions, so much research, and so many opinions.

While making decisions on physical purchases, I have been keeping one question in mind:

What purpose will this serve after the wedding is over?

For example:

What purpose will this shirt that says “Future Mrs. X” serve after the wedding is over? 

The answer is none. Please, no one ever buy me this.


What purpose will these gold lanterns we scoured multiple Targets for serve after the wedding is over?

I plan on keeping a few and then selling the rest!

What purpose will these koozie favors serve after the wedding is over?

None because there will be no koozies.

Don’t hate me for hating on the koozies. I have a million of them. They get tossed into a cabinet, and I never use them. So no they serve no purpose for me.

I want my purchases to serve double duty, so I am trying to avoid anything that blatantly says Mr. and Mrs, or is obviously wedding related. I want to wear my wedding shoes again! I want to be able to use the bulk thank you cards I bought on Amazon for any other situation post-wedding!

Some people might say, “But it’s your wedding! You only get married once!

Yes, and because of that I want to be able to have a regular use for anything from that day, so I can always be reminded of it.

Doesn’t that make more sense?


If you are interested in more, I’ve previously posted about renting versus buying wedding decor and buying wedding decor secondhand.


DIY:Leftover Yarn Christmas Wreath

This weekend, Chicago is getting smacked with a good snowstorm. The grocery store was packed as everyone prepared to huddle inside. On top of the weather, I am also sick, so basically that means I sat on the couch all weekend watching Christmas movies under 3 blankets.

I wanted to be somewhat productive, though, so I did some minimal effort crafting. With a bunch of red, green, and white yarn leftover from this previous project and a few others, I decided to put together my own pom pom Christmas wreath.


I made 3 different sized poms, large, medium, and small, using different weights of yarn for added texture. Hours later, the floor was covered in yarn fuzz, and I had a pile of varying size multi-colored yarn balls.

I needed something to affix them to, so I headed to the basement where I happened to keep this gigantic Target box. I knew it would come in handy! I used an Exacto knife to cut a wreath shape and then wrapped it in what was left of the green yarn.


After arranging the pom poms into a decently looking order, I tied them to the green yarn that I had wrapped around the cardboard. To help keep the poms attached, I used some hot glue as well.


I popped it on our door and admired my handiwork. Not bad for some sickly crafting from the couch.