No More New Clothes

Having been laid off from my job, I am now on a bit tighter of a budget than I was before. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test my own willpower.

While I am not a big shopper (I get bored after maybe an hour on a good day), I definitely do buy new clothes here and there. Especially with the back to school season in full swing and all the cozy, warm fall sweaters and boots showing up in the stores.

I already have sweaters, boots, and scarves, and definitely don’t NEED anymore.

So, for the rest of 2016, I will not be purchasing any new clothes or shoes.

One of the best ways to avoid temptation is to remove yourself from store’s email lists. If I do not know they are having a 40% off sale, then I am more likely not to start browsing and see what is on sale.



No more of these. Unsubscribe.


I did this weekend go to a craft fair and flea market, but I am not counting my purchases from either. I supported local, handmade products and bought second-hand.

I will be keeping you updated! Do you have any suggestions and what has worked for you?


  1. all of what you described helped me to limit my expenses. I also did a declutering activity, going thru every single item at home. While the main aim is to remove those items that no longer serve me or excite me from my life, surprisingly I also find a chance to realize what I actually own; often times there are many extra items (such as sponges or shampoo or nice shirts) that I would need in the uture.It is great to remember what I already own so that I would not automatically purchase them again unnecessarily

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  2. I decided this year to do a one per month challenge so the one thing I do buy is really thought through and becomes very special and rewarding 🙂 Also educating myself on sweatshop conditions and environmental issues with imported goods has helped me resist it ALL. When you only try to buy made in USA the market place is very small 😉


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