No Need for Pretty Wrapping Paper

You won’t find rolls of pretty wrapping paper in this house.

Wrapping paper and gift wrap for me include a pile of the Trib’s comics section.

the funnies

And a bag full of gift bags and tissue paper that was previously given to me.

bag of tissue paper

If I am handing you a present in a gift bag,  there is a 100% chance that it was given to me by someone else.

It is just silly to pay for something that is going to get ripped up and thrown out! Thus why I ranted about it last Christmas too.


I get it. That cohesive look of presents wrapped in a glossy wrapping is Pinterest worthy.

But what I do not get is why anyone would throw out a perfectly good gift bag. They can be used infinitely until they rip!

I keep every single one I receive. And every one will be used again. And hopefully again (I am looking at you people I am giving gifts to! Do your duty!).


  1. We always reuse gift bags and ribbons. And I save up any bits of tissue, boxes etc than can be used. I’ve reused cards as gift tags since making some to sell one Christmas when I was in the Girl Guides nearly 40 years ago. Most of family now does the same. Rarely need to buy anything new.

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  2. I agree, I don’t want to spend loads on pretty wrapping paper either. Every year I buy simple brown packing paper and spend a few hours making it look nice by stamping on it, drawing on it…there are so many options :). And yes…I always keep the gift bags I receive as long as they still look nice. What is the point in throwing them away???!!

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